Suffering From Neuropathy?

We now offer a revolutionary NEW treatment for neuropathy that gets amazing results for our patients!

Symptoms of Neuropathy:

Burning Pain | Numbness | Sharp Electric Pain | Loss of Hot or Cold Sensation | Numbness & Tingling in you Feet/Hands | Pins and Needles Feeling in your Legs or Feet | Leg Cramps | Difficulty Sleeping | Difficulty Walking

If you have neuropathy you understand how it can make you feel. Simple things like driving your car or taking a walk with a loved one can become painful and difficult tasks. When you start to lose the simple things in your life it can truly steal your happiness away.


Our new neuropathy treatments succeed because we attack the problem at its source. Our combination of breakthrough technology, advanced nutrition protocols as well as educational curriculum delivered straight to you on a daily basis provides your body with everything it needs to heal the damaged nerves. Our combination of treatments helps to restore, stabilize and rebuild the nerves in your extremities. The majority of patients notice an improvement in their symptoms within their first few treatments.

Are You A Candidate for Treatment?

Each patient and their symptoms are unique. Our doctor will sit down with you and perform a thorough history and examination to determine if you are qualified for our treatment. If you suffer from pain, numbness, burning or tingling in your hands or feet you could be the ideal candidate for this treatment. It is important to note, our treatment protocols are non-surgical and do not involve prescription medication. We finally have the answer that can produce long-lasting results.

Why Choose Us?

Our multidisciplinary approach gives us the option to tailor our treatment to each individual patient. The doctor will sit down with you and really take the time to fully understand what is going on with you and how it is affecting your life.

We offer the most advanced, revolutionary treatment modalities on the market. Our patients routinely feel better after the first few treatment sessions and our staff is there to support you every step of the way. We have been able to help many patients suffering from neuropathy change their lives and be able to go on living the life they want to live, pain free.



$29 INITIAL EXAMINATION / X-RAYS (if necessary) ($380 VALUE)

Fill In Your Information Below; Medicare Patients Ineligible


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