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Weight Loss in Orlando

Our Weight Loss Programs are simple, fast, fun weight loss programs that allow the patients and the doctor to have an auto-pilot program with fast, permanent results. It’s an easy-to-follow weight loss, detoxification, and healthy living program that is really effective. In fact, we see people lose between half a pound and a pound of fat per day. 

Our programs address the root causes of weight gain and are physician supervised and customized to the specific needs of the patients. If you want simple, fast, and permanent weight loss, that addresses the root cause of the weight gain, look no further.

Cutting Edge Technology

What is Red-Light Therapy?

It’s the newest non-invasive body slimming and skin tightening procedure! Red Light removes fat and reduces inches without needles, incisions or recovery time. Red light therapy is designed to assist you in inch loss, spot fat reduction and body contouring.  Red Light therapy offers immediate results without dieting, exercise, pills or surgery and when combined with a balanced diet and light exercise, the results have been extraordinary!

The Contour Light

The Contour is a red light therapy unit.  This unique light is used to speed up the process of weight loss. At 635nm red light technology was originally developed as an adjunct treatment to liposuction. The technology has been used safely in the medical community for over 4o years and is based on sound scientific and physiologic principles. Clinical trials have proven effectiveness and safety. 

The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell. The results? Incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, breasts, saddlebags, inner thighs, knees- virtually anywhere you have excess fat. There is no pain, no bruising, no swelling, no burning, no downtime.

NO side effects!

The Contour Light does the following:

  • Opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell
  • Liquifies the fat
  • Causes the fat cell to shrink
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • One 25 minute treatment equals seven 30 minute cardio workouts

 See the Results!

Contour Light delivers the most power and covers the most treatment area of any LED or laser device on the market! We have had amazing success with these programs and are excited to deliver those same results for you!




$29 Contour Light/Weight Loss Trial

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